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Boat detailing is a service that achieves a deeper level of clean and will also help retain the vessel's resale value. Boat detailing services can be divided into two parts: exterior and interior. We do your boat detailing in Reno, Sparks, and within Washoe County NV, all onsite!

Hull and Topside

Boat cleaning and detailing the hull and topside begins with a technician washing and scrubbing the hull, deck, bow, and stern areas with a specialized solution. While washing these spaces, the technician will remove rust and other heavy stains. In some cases, we may need to apply a solution to remove surface contamination. Next, we will clean the assortment of areas located on the boat's exterior, including wiping and protecting glass, vinyl, and isinglass surfaces. We will also polish all chrome and metal coverings, including the dash and gauges. All leather upholstery receives a thorough cleaning with a special leather product followed by a conditioning treatment. Finally, our boat detailing service professionals will remove oxidation from fiberglass surfaces and apply a salt-resistant marine wax to protect the boat's shine.

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The Interior

On the vessel's interior, our boat detailers will vacuum all carpeted areas and remove spots and stains from carpeted floors and boat upholstery. Next, our technicians will clean the bathroom, kitchen, and shower spaces, remove mildew and deodorize the entire cabin. Finally, they will clean and polish all the windows, chrome, laminate, and wood. Call us now or submit the free quote form to get more information about our affordable mobile detailing services in Reno.

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