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A professional detailing gives car owners a deeper level of clean that can only be achieved through the use of professional tools and chemicals. From an auto detailer's perspective, the end goal is not only to deep clean the vehicle, but to also preserve it in excellent condition and ultimately preserve the resale value. When choosing a detailing company, automobile owners should determine whether the company covers all aspects of the auto detailing process. Although our entire process takes time, our Reno auto detailing shop offers mobile detailing services to clients who prefer the convenience of staying in the office or at home while the work is being done.

Generally, the process can be divided into the interior and exterior detailing. The exterior portion of the service covers the vehicle's paint, wheels, headlights, and windows. Interior detailing includes auto upholstery cleaning in addition to steaming or shampooing the carpets and wiping all other leather, vinyl, and plastic surfaces, and all nooks and crannies.


A thorough job should include washing the bottom of the automobile, including the rims and inside the wheel wells. Our professionals will thoroughly wash the tires and wheels and apply a special protectant to preserve the wheels' shine.

Auto Paint Care

Damaged paint can automatically create a negative impression in the minds of potential buyers when an owner is selling their automobile. Therefore, a vehicle's paint is one of the most important factors in its valuation. Unfortunately, exterior paint is also very delicate. Regular detailing is critical to preserving a car's paint. It generally consists of three steps. First, our professionals wash the car by hand to remove dirt and grime, then hand dry it. Next, they use a clay bar to remove contaminants from the paint's protective clear coat. They will seal the freshly cleaned, decontaminated exterior by polishing it to remove scratches and swirl marks then applying wax to protect the paint and preserve the clear coat's shine.
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Lights and Exterior Trim

Car detailing services involve polishing headlights and taillights that show signs of oxidation. Next, the technicians seal the lights with a plastic sealant. If a vehicle has plastic or vinyl trim, they will apply a protectant to make the trim more resistant to cracks and fading. Finally, the technicians will polish chrome trim and chrome or otherwise polished exhaust pipes.

Interior Surface Care

The bulk of the interior detailing process involves cleaning the floor and seating surfaces, using either steam cleaning or shampooing for the carpets. Most vehicles' interiors include a combination of different materials. We will use professional products for car upholstery cleaning and for all other surfaces, whether it contains vinyl, plastic, fabric, or leather. We also use a special cleaner and conditioner for leather.

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