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When it comes to your automobile, there are different levels of "clean." Owners who want to protect and maintain their vehicles have them detailed regularly. It’s like a luxurious, but essential spa treatment for your car. One of the most important factors in choosing a car detailing company is to limit your selection to companies that are extremely knowledgeable and discerning in their use of commercial-grade tools and chemicals.

We offer top-notch professional auto care to keep your vehicle feeling new. Our technicians are also able to service other types of transportation, including boats and RVs. Customer satisfaction is a central theme in our business. We take pride in delivering results that exceed each customer's expectations. Our policy is the job is not complete until we are able to feel a sense of pride as we stand back and admire the sparkling final results. Once our work meets our rigorous standards, we can then show our customers their freshly-cleaned, gleaming, well-cared-for automobile. We offer a variety of flexible solutions, and we can even travel to your home in the Reno and Sparks area, and throughout Washoe County. Our solutions are not limited to automobiles. We offer:

  • Car Detailing - We will clean by hand all exterior and interior surfaces of your sedan, hatchback, convertible, MPV, crossover, coupe, truck, or SUV, then polish, apply wax, and restore your headlights
  • RV Detailing - We will thoroughly wash, treat, and protect all surfaces on your RV
  • Boat Detailing - We will wash, treat and protect all surfaces on your boat
  • Anything you want - call us to receive an estimate for special projects
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What Happens During the Process

As the name suggests, the detailing process is very "detailed." Our technicians each have a keen eye for spotting areas on and inside your transportation that can be washed, treated, and gently enhanced. Therefore, no area of your vehicle will go untreated, unless we are instructed to do so. is much more extensive than a basic car wash. The process is divided into two sections: exterior and interior detailing.

Exterior detailing

involves the use of any combination of vacuums, polishes, waxes, detergents, and degreasers. The goal is to restore the exterior and enhance its condition to a showroom level. We begin with a thorough hand car wash. First, we spray the exterior with a specialized spray and wash the doors, mirrors, door jambs, glass, and any remaining parts. After drying, we use a clay bar to remove residue, overspray, and impurities conventional detergents often leave behind. Next, we polish the outside of your vehicle to bring back its original shine. Finally, we use a sealant or wax for paint protection and to shield your newly-gleaming surface from the rigors of daily use.

Interior detailing is a very intensive process through which we utilize steam-cleaning, vacuuming, and other techniques to cleanse, sanitize, restore, and preserve the various materials that make up the interior. We start by thoroughly vacuuming the seats, headliners, rear cargo area, trunk, floors, and shelf. For hard-to-reach spaces, we use an air compressor to remove dust and debris. In addition to basic car interior cleaning to remove debris from the floor, seats, and console, we offer car upholstery cleaning. For leather upholstery, we use a special leather cleaner for seats, trims, or other surfaces you may have that are covered with leather. We brush and steam clean your floors and thoroughly scrub floor mats to remove all stains.

The Benefits

People who are not accustomed to having their vehicle detailed often view the service as an extra. However, there are several reasons you should make this a normal, recurring part of your auto maintenance regimen. With each servicing, the professionals will assess every inch of your automobile, which will allow you to spot and correct issues that may otherwise detract from its value. Maintaining it in this way is also critical to preserving its condition inside and out.

Your vehicle's outer surface is under constant attack by UV light from the sun, acid rain, harsh detergents, temperature extremes, oxidation, and other natural and manufactured elements. Auto detailing services extends the lifespan of your automobile by removing contaminants that may otherwise damage interior surfaces, chrome, and paint. When cars are brand new, they are safeguarded by a clear coat that covers the paint. Over time, this clear coat wears away. Having your car washed, polished and sealed replenishes the protective coat and will ultimately keep your paint intact. By preserving the protective outer clear coat, your car will look better for much longer and be more resistant to oxidation.

It is indeed true that clean cars run better. A thorough cleansing will remove accumulated dust, debris, and dirt from all parts of your SUV, truck or sedan. In Reno car detailing services will prevent excess dust, dirt, and debris from circulating through your engine. As a result, your engine will actually run cooler with fewer impurities in circulation.

From maintaining a pristine appearance to keeping your vehicle's interior dust-free and spotless, auto detailing will give you additional years of enjoying your ride. Our commitment to excellence makes us the perfect partner to help you maintain your vehicle long-term. Check out our detailing blog for tips and tricks on detailing your vehicle.

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Mobile car detailing services

People often avoid regular auto maintenance because it requires time, and most of us have very busy schedules. That’s why we offer full service detailing in Reno and Sparks, and throughout Washoe County, Nevada. Here at Reno Mobile Detailing we do car detailing that comes to you. We can come to your home or your office and work on your truck while you accomplish your other tasks. Our mobile services will give you the same great results in the convenience of your home or workplace.

Your Professional Auto Detailing in Reno and Sparks NV

Let us help you keep your transportation running smoother and looking great for as long as possible. Have us come to you to provide affordable mobile detailing or a mobile car wash. We are committed to delivering a satisfactory experience. Call us today or submit the free quote form now to experience a whole new level of service excellence. Our talented technicians look forward to serving you!
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